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Looking to change broadband provider? See how easy it is to switch to a new broadband deal with Virgin Media.

Get a great broadband deal when you switch

Before you switch broadband providers, you should make sure you’re getting the right package for your household. Have a think about your internet usage habits and how much you want to spend each month, then choose a fibre broadband deal that works for you. At Virgin Media, you can combine superfast broadband speeds with great digital TV and landline services. Check out some of our best packages below.

Switch to broadband only

Don't need a phone service? Scale it back with our Broadband only option.

From £38 a month
18 month contract
£35 setup fee applies

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Switch to broadband and phone

Stay connected with superfast fibre and calls.

From £25 a month
18 month contract
£35 setup fee applies

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Switch to broadband, TV and phone

Enjoy superfast broadband, hundreds of top channels and your favourite streaming services.

From £29.99 a month
18 month contract
£35 setup fee applies

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How to switch broadband providers easily

If you’re thinking of changing broadband providers, you might not know the best way to go about it. We’ve broken it down into a few simple steps.

Step 1: Make sure you can leave your current broadband provider

Before you consider searching for a new broadband deal, you should check your current contract to see if you’re coming to the end of it. You should check with your current provider as to whether your minimum term is up. If you switch during your minimum term, you may be subject to early termination fees. Your current provider will be able to confirm this.

Step 2: Find the right broadband deal

After you’ve checked your current contract, the next thing to do is to see whether you can get our fibre broadband services where you live. The best way to do this is to use our broadband postcode checker. Simply enter your postcode and we’ll show you which of our broadband deals are available in your area.

From there it’s up to you to decide which broadband package best suits you in terms of budget and usage. You should consider the broadband speed you’re looking for as well as bundle options to include other services like digital TV or a landline with inclusive calls.

You should also think about the contract length. All of our standard broadband contracts run for 18 months. However, we do have a number of short-term, 30-day rolling contracts and 12-month options for added flexibility.

Step 3: Start the switching process

Once you’ve chosen a broadband deal, all you need to do is in fill in some details to place your order. The number of steps in the sale process will vary depending on what’s included in your deal. For instance, if you choose to bundle your phone and broadband, you’ll also be asked whether you want to keep your existing landline number.

We recommend securing a Virgin Media broadband deal before cancelling your services with your current provider. This avoids any stress in looking for a new deal when your current one ends. We can always let you move your installation date if the cancellation period with your old provider goes on longer than you thought.

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll send you an email with the confirmation of your new package, as well as sending your contract. We’ll also confirm your installation or QuickStart delivery date.

Step 4: Get your new broadband installed

If you need any wiring installed, our technicians will pop by on an agreed installation date. Just so you know, there may be an installation fee, starting from £30 for standard installation.

If the internal wall socket is in good condition and in the right place, pick a QuickStart kit when you check out and then set it up yourself. Learn more about our broadband installation.

Why should I switch broadband providers?

If you’ve been with your current provider for a number of years, your internet package might not be as good as it once was.

Taking time out to compare broadband deals could help you find a new internet package that lets you get online and stay connected when you need to. So why should you switch broadband providers?

Your broadband contract is ending soon

If your broadband contract has already come to an end, you might have noticed that the price has increased. Now would be the perfect time to shop around for a broadband deal that gives you all the things you might want. This could include a better price, faster broadband speeds and the option of bundling up TV, landline and mobile services too.

If your minimum term is complete, you may be able to leave your current provider without paying early termination fees. You should check with your current provider to confirm any exit fees that may apply to you.

Better deals and faster broadband

When you first signed up with your broadband supplier, they might have given you a great introductory package for a discounted price. When that period is over, the discount is too, so you might end up paying a higher price for the same package.

Switching to a new broadband provider, like Virgin Media, could give you faster broadband speeds, as well as access to TV channels including BT Sport, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. You could even get a phone line or mobile deal with your bundle too, often at a cheaper price than buying them separately.

Our fibre broadband uses coax cables instead of copper ones to give you superfast internet speeds. Our packages range from our M100 Fibre Broadband (which comes with an average download speed of 108Mbps) to Gig1 Fibre Broadband (which has 1,130Mbps average download speed). Learn more about our broadband speeds.

Keep your current landline number when you switch

Having the same home phone number could be important to you for a variety of reasons. If you choose to switch to Virgin Media and get a home phone included in your bundle, you have the option to keep your existing landline number.

When this option is selected we’ll begin the process of moving your number over from your other provider.

How long does it take to switch internet providers?

While there’s no definitive rule for how long it’ll take to switch broadband providers, it could take a few weeks to connect your new service. Less time if you already have a Virgin Media line at your property.

If your address is already connected to the Virgin Media network, you’ll be eligible for QuickStart – our self-installation kit that lets you get yourself set up quickly and easily. Choose between our click and collect service or home delivery when you checkout. Alternatively, if this isn’t possible, or you would rather a technician, we can send one (although this will be chargeable if you’re eligible for QuickStart).

Can I change broadband providers mid-contract?

Yes, you can switch broadband providers whenever you like, however, if you switch within your minimum term, you may be subject to early termination fees. Check with your current provider to find out exactly what charges may apply to you.

How much does switching broadband cost?

Each broadband provider has their own set of fees and charges involved when you’re ready to make the switch. If you choose to switch to Virgin Media, you’ll pay a one-off set up fee of £35, on top of the monthly tariff.

The fee covers the cost of our technicians checking your new broadband is all set up correctly – either remotely or in-person at your address. Depending on which installation option you choose, there may also be an installation fee (starting from £30 for standard installation).

How do I cancel my old broadband before I switch?

Get in touch with your provider to find out how to cancel your service, as this may vary from one provider to another. Although don’t feel you have to wait and cancel with your current provider before ordering a Virgin Media service.

Just let us know if you want to keep your landline number – this we will sort for you.

Will I lose internet access during the switch?

You should be able to switch from one broadband provider to another with minimal service interruption. Once you’re ready to switch to Virgin Media and have placed your order, cancel with your current provider who'll let you know which date your services will end. Your end date will depend on whether you're in or out of your contract's minimum term.

Remember, you can always check to see if you can rearrange your installation with Virgin Media to suit you better. If that's not possible, mobile broadband is an option to tide you over until your Virgin Media service is installed.

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