$50 back on $250 at Marriott with new Amex Offer [enrollment required]


There is a new widely available Amex Offer out today that’s good for $50 back when you spend $250 or more at Marriott properties in the US and US territories, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The Deal

  • Get $50 back when you spend $250 or more at Marriott properties in the US and US territories, Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean with a targeted but widely-available Amex Offer (enrollment required)

Key Terms

  • Expires 3/31/22
  • Valid at Marriott properties in the US and US territories as well as Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • Excludes gift card purchases and online retail purchases
  • See offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

Getting $50 back on $250 is a nice 20% savings that could certainly be worth grabbing if you’ll have any paid Marriott stays within the validity of the offer.

If you won’t be staying at a Marriott property for a while, it might still be possible to lock in this savings. While offer terms suggest that this isn’t valid on gift cards, in the past a gift card purchased at the front desk of a Marriott property has worked to trigger the offer. The challenge is first finding a property that sells gift cards at the front desk and then finding an employee who knows how to sell them. Then you can also look forward to a perplexed employee who is “pretty sure we can’t take gift cards” and unwilling to call the manager as she hunts and pecks around the computer to try to figure it out herself while the kids are packed in the car and getting antsy to leave. If only last month were the first time I’d run into that…. (yes, she was eventually very excited to have figured it out)

The solution to that problem of course is stopping by the desk with your gift cards well ahead of checkout time. I know that but have still made the mistake of trying to pay quickly with a gift card at the moment of checkout and it’s just rarely a smooth endeavor. Still, if you can accept the challenge in finding gift cards to buy and the challenge in using the gift card to pay, your reward is fifty bucks more in your pocket and that’s certainly not bad.

I may just have a couple of Marriott stays within the window here and so I’ll sync this one up and see if I can find a use naturally. If not, I know of a hotel not that far away that sells gift cards — I’d just rather use this one naturally and save myself fifty bucks and some time if I can.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Darn. Not on any of my 5 cards.

Tim Grable

Does anyone have data points on using these at Vacation Clubs


They are accepted at Vistana (incl HOA) but don’t know about Marriott Vacation Club (tho assume so)


My understanding is that Amex Offers are tied to the card itself. My P2 is an additional authorized user on my Brilliant, and has added the same Amex Offer.
Our upcoming stay will likely come to over $500. Any confirmed experiences out there that we would be able to pay our bill with $250+ on each and get 2x$50 credited?


At checkout you can charge on each card to get your $50 amex offer.


For some reason I never get these Marriott offers on my seven Amex cards.


I found them on my AMEX Brilliant, Biz, & Plat


Thanks for the heads up–just found the offer on my Bonvoy Brilliant.


I’m only targeted on my Platinum–assuming if I book through Amex Travel I won’t get the credit?


Does anyone know of a Marriott property in the Houston area that sells gift cards? I stopped by a handful and called another dozen without luck.


Yes, the Marriott Woodlands (at least thru did pre-pandemic!).


^they (but not the Westin, etc)


Thanks! I’m pretty sure I called them last month and they said no. It’s worth trying again!


(as another DP, several times I purchased physical cards at the Marriott also triggered a Chase Marriott Offer)


I called in and was told gift cards are only offered online. Given your DP I decided to stop in anyway. The manager happened to over hear our conversation as I was being told no and stepped in. Unfortunately I missed out on the last offer. But thanks to you I should get this one! Thanks!


Great news, John, glad he was around, very nice & helpful.

Whenever I am at a Marriott property, I always ask the manager themself at check-in if the property sells gift cards (so will know for future reference & leaves the desk time to check before I leave if the manager isn’t around). I found otherwise the front desk folks rarely know at first &/or not authorized to transact. Never have I had a non-manager authorized to sell one to me (just like you found at The Woodlands).


As a reminder to those who are heading off to Le Meridien Maldives later this year on points. You will still be required to pony up the dough for the seaplane ride from Male’ to the resort. It’s $400 per person. These discounted Marriott gift cards are a great way to take the sting out of that a little.

Ahmed Radhy

Maybe you could let them teach you the steps on how you purchase a gift card from their system and you could report it here and all of us would be a able to teach Marriott’s employees how they do it 😀


I at least have had no issues with the egift cards Marriott periodically sells at a discount


You mean purchasing eGift cards on Marriott website triggers the Amex Offer?


I don’t know if it will, or not – have never tried. If you have the Brilliant card, though, an ecard purchase will trigger the $300 Marriott resort credit (at least has sev times for me).

If you do purchase online, I would encourage you to also register them at gifts(dot)marriott(com) as I have had issues redeeming in the past, & I was very relieved Marriott had the card info captured.

Also worth mentioning, a Marriott advance-purchase rate will not trigger the Offer.

Anybody else miss the $75 off credit Marriott ran with same spend?!


My biggest issue with these is that I never end up using them since there seems to always be Amex Offers in play now that are just as valuable but have limited time to cash in. At 20% off and across P1 & P2, it always makes sense to do the Amex Offer rather than redeem the GC, but that means I’m just sitting on a bunch of discounted GCs. Since they don’t expire, I guess at some point I’ll be back to spending more than $500/quarter on Marriott stays and I’ll be happy I held on to them.


So true…I only redeem mine when there isn’t an AMEX or Chase Marriott Offer.

I was at a Westin property on a points stay this past week that had opened a great spa. I ended up with some spend on a treatment. Thankfully I didn’t use a gc (since I didn’t bring one not knowing about the new spa & we preferred a nearby restaurant to in-house dining) & charged instead to my Marriott credit card. I am now having them reverse & recharge to today to get the credit.

My Bonvoy strategy is a 2 cent (at least) point redemption) on the room + 20% discount on on-site spend either with a gift card or (multiple AMEX card) Offers. Pretty bank esp considering the number of errors Marriott makes & the resulting addtl points to compensate.